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Tinian, American Overseas Territory, located in 5 kilometers away from south of Saipan with good reputation “Pearl of West Pacific” is the second biggest island of Northern Mariana.



It was first found by Portugal navigator C. Magellan

It was occupied by American Army during the Second World War


The United Nations trusteed it to America to manage in 1947. Tinian, Palau, Micronesia, and the Marshall Islands make up four political entities of American Pacific Island mandated territory.


In 1975, America signed Free Federal Treaty with Tinian, and the treaty was passed through citizen voting in the June of year. According to the treaty, Northern Mariana separated with America in politics, enjoying certain autonomy of internal affairs, but America will be in charge of diplomacy and national defense.


In November 1986, American President announced that Northern Mariana was free federal of America.


In December 1990, the UN Security Council passed the resolution that terminated part of trusteeship agreement for Pacific Trusteeship Territory, which ended up Northern Mariana’s trusteeship status and made it became a real free federal of America. People who were born in Tinian automatically have American passport.