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BIG being invited to attend APEC Summit
time:2015-12-18 15:08

Strength and Reputation! BIG being invited to attend APEC Summit

November 15, 2015 APEC was held in Makati, Philippines.

It is reported that American will send 30 members to attend this conference. BIG, US is quite honored to be invited to join in this summit, and Mr. Phillip will represent the company as one of 30 members to participate. On the occasion, he will raise reasonable suggestions as to Asian-Pacific region development, focusing on economy and social development of American Northern Mariana, which is BIG’s strength, and also reputation.

Bridge Investment Group, USA is initiated to establish by Ex-White House Advisor in 2005, and devotes itself to USA real estate investment development, financial investment, upper grade tourism, asset acquisition, through many years development, it has become an influential investment group in Asian-Pacific region.

It is introduced by Mr. Phillip, the Bridge Investment Group, as one of the important members to attend the summit, mainly lying in two aspects: first, in the past, the Group's each work got the recognition of the US government vigorously; Second, the Group is now to make the investment, such as in Tinian in Northern Mariana, having the U.S. government's strong support. These for the regional economic development in the Asian-Pacific region have a lot of help.

At the present, BIG is investing and exploiting Tinian in American Northern. Saipan & Tinian Ocean Resort and Casino—invested by BIG is under the tensive construction.

Except that, top grade apartment, wharf, Outlets Mall, Characteristic Business Street, and Financial Center are under plan and design. These programs will bring significant influence to Tinian, Saipan, whole Northern Mariana, and even to the entire Asian-Pacific regional economic development.

We will continue to keep a watchful eye on and report each conference, activity and bill Mr. Phillip will attend in APEC in 2015.