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Saipan in April a new high number of visitors, up 48% compared to last year!
time:2017-05-16 10:53

According to the US Mariana Tourism Bureau data, in April, Saipan had52,438 visitors, compared with 35394 visitors in the same period last year that is an increaseby 48%. South Korean tourists benefited from several direct flights, in April alone, tourists reached 27463, an 102% increase compared to the same period last year.There were 17511 Chinese tourists, an increase of 16% over the same period last year. 

Mariana Tourist Board has great interest in the Chinese market and is looking forward to welcome more Chinese tourists to the Northern Mariana Islands (including Tinian Island, Saipan, Rota Island, etc.), to enjoy the pure blue sky.


As one of the few U.S. territories with the benefit of Visa-Free travel for Chinese Citizens, in recent years, Saipan and Tinian have attracted many of the world's tourists with its high-quality sea scenery and rich water recreation. According toone of the Chinese most influential travel sites in 2016 and the data shown from Saipan and China National Tourism Administration that Saipan ranked No. 5 as one of the most desirable travel destinations by the Chinese tourists. "The number of tourists travelling to Saipan and Tinian is growing, especially for the Chinese tourists! 

Saipan is a world-famous tourist resort, with "four seasons summer", "seven color sea water", "American Territory", "4 hours direct flight", "visa-free entry", "duty-free shopping" and many other unique tourism resources that attracting countless world tourists. 

Tinian Island is located 6 km south of Saipan and is the second largest island of the Northern Mariana Islands. Tinian Island is being developed in the recent years as world's leading tourist resort island. It not only has the most beautiful site among the Northern Mariana Islands, but also is the most suitable island for living. As oneof the most potential development hot spot in the Marianas Islands,Tinian Island attracts more and more enterprises and investors!

With the arrival of the summer vacation season, as the closest US territory from China - Saipan and Tinian Island will have a record high number of tourists. This is the right time for investment!