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Trans-fields! BIG Is Invited by ShanCha Inc. to Participated in a Social Activity about Investment Opportunities and Healthy Lifestyle
time:2017-05-19 10:56

Camellia oil

not only healthy and good tasting
but also adding fantasy to your every meal, cooking experience and lifestyle.

ShanCha Inc. was born from a unique concept. Invested in by Lingrui Group, China, and registered in New York City, it was initially started as a philanthropic project whose mission eventually grew to helping farmers in the deep mountains where camellia trees grow, thus improving the area’s economic condition and lifting its residents out of poverty.


Christian, the manager of Bridge International Group(Short for BIG) and Abby, the education consultant of BIG are honored to be invited byShaCha Inc. to participate in the social activity. The topic of the social activity is that explore American Investment Opportunity and Healthy Lifestyle. The social activity shows a spirit that Chinese corporations have been to the North America and are exploring investment opportunities.

Famous entrepreneurs, designers, professors, actresses, senior managers and persons from other fields are also invited. Hence, the social activity provides a private platform for high net worth individuals to communicate in trans-fields and get more information about investment opportunities.

Famous actress ShiNan (Left) and Christina (Right)

Christina, BIG’s manager, CPA, has been in America for 20 years so she has a variety of experiences on finance, accounting and American daily life.
Since enrolled by BIG, Christina has provided a lot of professional, efficient suggestions and service.

Christina (left), Professor of New York Film Academy (Middle), Abby (Right)

Abby, BIG’s education consultant, devotes herself to provide all services about American education for students
Having plenty of experience on American education and school applications,Abby has sent a large number of students into American universities.

Christina(left), ShanCha Inc manager(Middle), Designer(right)

Senior Managers of Chase Bank Christina(Middle) Chase Bank is BIG’s bank partner

Sushi cooked by camellia oil, good appearance, taste well

During the social activity, Christina and Abby introduced BIG’s all services which are American real estate purchase, immigration, investment overseas, education, relocation and medical services to other famous people. The famous people are interested in the services and take BIG’s service brochures.

BIG’s service brochures