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Celebrities gathering! BIG group was invited to attend PRESTIGE financial art week in New York, to make financial & art festival!
time:2017-05-08 11:08

May 2nd 2017, Bridge Investment Group (BIG) NY team was invited to “Prestige NYC Finance& Art Week”organized by Prestige Financial Holdings.

The guests included elites and professionals in various fields such as hedge fund, private equity, tax, insurance and EB-5 immigration.As a complement to the event, there was also art exhibition featuring world-renowned artist galleries.

Samuel Newbold, BIG’s legal counsel and a well-versed immigration lawyer in US, was invited to “Global Asset Allocation Seminar” where he gave speech on the update of EB-5 immigrationrules and regulations.

The attendees included famous business entrepreneurs, art collectors, financial specialists, and artists. By sharing and discussing with the guests, BIG learned a lot of precious information.

Guests' photos of the event 

Prestige addressed on “Global Asset Allocation Seminar”

Samuel Newbold, BIG’s legal counsel, addressed on EB-5 immigration update

Ms. Christina of BIG translated presentation

Professionals and scholars discussed the topic - Global Asset Allocation, including equity, fixed income investment, real estate and funds, private equity and venture capital investment, insurance planning, tax strategies, estate planning, and EB-5 immigrations. The sub-topics were such as risk control by diversification, how to screen and manage PEs and VCs, how to utilize insurance to transfer, protect and inherit wealth, and the types of US real estate investments, all of which were informative and helpful to high net worth individuals investing in US.

Mr. Jacky Meng, chairman of Canbo, addressed on the trend of immigration

Dr. Shen addressed on VC investments

Stanley, CPA addressed on tax planning in US

Ms. Chen addressed on real estate investment strategy

After the seminar was a dinner party. The team of BIG enjoyed the wonderful moments with the guests!