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BIG group off to the New York Film Academy, Hollywood dream becomes true!
time:2017-05-24 15:17

There was an open house in New York Film Academy(NYFA) in last Saturday(5/20). Employees from BIG’s NY Office(Short for BIG) was so excited to go to NYFA.

NYFA is the premier academy for Hollywood filmmakers. Steven Spielberg’s son, Pierce Brosnan’s son and Murray Abraham’s son studied in NYFA.Luc Besson’s sister and Peter Bogdanovich’s daughter also studied here.

BIG’s employees had an acting class in NYFA. The professor is so patient to tell us how to do every act and expression well. The professor’s humorous teaching style   makes the whole class be in a humor film.

Professors teach how to make film

Professional equipment of film making

Acting in front of a video camera cultivates the brave students should have when they face to a camera lens. For a student who acts wrong, the professor would encourage the student so that there is no Lens Phobia coming out potentially in the student’s heart.

Students were performing earnestly


BIG’s employees are enlightened by the teaching style and hope that they have opportunity to improve their acting level in NYFA.